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Hide your email address from unwanted companies and people. Your email is more than just your inbox. Avoid spam and data leaks.

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  • Unlimited email addresses.
  • Receive, send, reply from any email address.
  • Works with your existing Gmail, Hotmail, and any other email provider.
  • Forward to multiple addresses, reply from multiple addresses.
  • No installation or setup.
  • And many more coming soon.

Easily block and unblock email addresses.

Tag email addresses for easier searching.

Forward to multiple email addresses, everyone can reply to the email.

Plugins and Apps to make it even easier to use and manage.

No plugin or app is required to use the service.


Easy pricing starting at $0 per month.



Unlimited Email addresses

0 Domains

1 Subdomain

1 Forwarding Email Address

500 Received Emails/Month

10 Replies/Month

3 Sends/Month

500 MB in Attachments/Month

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Unlimited Email Addresses

0 Domains

5 Subdomain

5 Forwarding Email Address

1000 Received Emails/Month

50 Replies/Month

20 Sends/Month

1000 MB in Attachments/Month

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Unlimited Email Addresses

5 Domains

10 Subdomain

30 Forwarding Email Address

5000 Received Emails/Month

500 Replies/Month

200 Sends/Month

10000 MB in Attachments/Month

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